Together we are game changers

One small step for men and women, one giant leap for charities.

Charities truly change the world to enhance other people’s lives.

Stars across sport, entertainment, food, travel, music, fashion, media and business have the ability to influence the way people think and behave.

We are the bridge between charities, stars and everyday people who want to make a difference to someone else, somewhere in the world and have an incredible time doing it.

Imagine hanging with a star

We aren’t going to shake the tin asking for your loose change. We want you to ‘shake it up, shake shake, shake it up’ with some of the world’s most loved celebrities.

We want you to pose for selfies with your favourite star and show off to all your friends.

We want you to have the time of your life hanging with a star in a life changing experience with them. We also want you to know that you have given someone else a life changing experience through your kind contribution.

It’s a win win for everyone

Traditionally charities are understaffed and under resourced as they try and achieve incredible results for less fortunate people.

By working with charities, we will assist them with raising awareness and of course much needed funds.

There are no strings attached and these charities can simply focus on what they do best, implementing life changing plans.

About you

Life often gets in the way of giving time to a charity of your choice. We get that, because that’s us. So we’ve made it easy for you to give minimal time and also give a maximum result to a certain cause…and of course you’ll get a warm feeling for helping out someone else.

You’re happy knowing that every amount you contribute, is going to a recognised and reputable charity.

You’re also happy knowing that through every contribution you are helping raise awareness of the chosen star’s cause.