All your questions answered 

How does Hang With a Star help charities?

We consider charities to be the real change makers and we love working with them to make a difference. Our campaigns aim to raise awareness and much needed funds, allowing charities to concentrate on the very important work they do in the community. We follow up with all our charities and will report on our site how your donations have helped. This is a hugely rewarding part of our job and it's why we love what we do.

How am i notified if I win?

As if we wouldn’t tell you!! This is one of the best parts of our job, contacting winners. We’ll try and call you, text you, email you or tweet you. If we can’t get you that way, we’ll send a skywriter near your house or get 500 kangaroos to jump on the Harbour Bridge with a sign on their pouch, saying you have won. If this happens, no harm will be done to any kangaroo. Rest assured, after the winner has been chosen, we’ll make sure you know.

How do I organise to go on my experience?

You don’t. You can just sit back, feet up, watch television, go about your normal life and we’ll do all the hard work. Once everything is locked in we’ll notify you with all details.

How is the winner chosen?

We write names on paper aeroplanes in the office. Whatever plane goes the furthest is the winner. Just kidding! We use to select our winners, they use highly intelligent computer generated systems that have more algorithms than Pythagoras even knew about and it picks the lucky entry at random.

How do I know my payment is safe and secure?

Our inhouse tech team, who actually look and behave like the cast from The Big Bang Theory, use the latest encryption technology to ensure your card details always remain secure. What’s more we never actually store your card details on our server, this is all handled by our third party payment system, which is provided by Stripe.

What’s included in the prize?

Everything we list on the website is 100% included in the prize.

Are there any age restrictions for prizes?

Age restrictions can vary depending on the prize, generally it is 18+ but check our official terms and conditions for each individual campaign for more details.

How much money goes to the charity?

We are one of Australia’s most transparent third party organisation raising money for charities and 80% of net donations will go straight to the celebrity’s charity of choice, so they can start making a difference.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No, unfortunately as there is a possible reward for your participation, contributions are not tax deductible. Don't worry though you are contributing to a great cause and you will be in the running for an amazing celebrity experience!

Still got questions?

No problem, if you have a specific question that we haven’t answered please get in touch with us at [email protected]