Find out how you can make a difference 

Why can't giving be easy and fun? You get the chance to win an unforgettable experience, celebrities and influencers get to support causes they are passionate about and charities get the help they need to make a difference. It’s a win all round!

1. Choose - Select an incredible experience or charity that most appeals to you (or what experience will give you the best selfie opportunity).

2. Contribute - Choose an amount to contribute. Remember the more you give, the more chances you have of hanging out with your chosen star and the bigger impact for your charity!

3. Win Win Win - An entry will be chosen at random once the campaign is closed. You can then draw straws to see which lucky friend comes with you, good luck.

4. Making a Difference - Even if you don’t get this ultimate experience, remember you’ve given money to a great charity, helping them to continue their valuable work – now that’s a win!

Our passion

We are a team of passionate “do-gooders” that want to help the real heroes, the change makers, the charities that work tirelessly! Hang With a Star is dedicated to building a community that can really help to change peoples lives. We pass on 80% of all net contributions to charities and retain 20% to help bring these awesome experiences to you.